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Record Shop


PRESERVING RECORD SHOP (The Mega Store) is now open on the main floor of the New Ken Social complex at 1101 5th Ave New Kensington, PA 15068!


Less than one block away our newest location, PRESERVING VINYL (The New Spot) is open at 1005 5th Ave New Kensington, PA 15068

Our hours for both stores are announced every Sunday evening via social media for the week. Our Google hours are also updated at this time. You can always call to confirm or if you have a specific question or request but rest assured, we ALWAYS honor the hours posted and they are ALWAYS up-to-date.

724 980 5170 is the shop phone for Preserving Record Shop.

724 980 5169 is the shop phone for Preserving Vinyl.



PRESERVING takes prides in paying fair, transparent prices for collections both large and small.


Finding himself frustrated with other stores often making insulting offers, owner AJ Rassau found himself sometimes traveling as far Japan in order to receive fair trade-in values for his collection.

Over the past five years of running the store, it has become a sense of personal pride to send customers away feeling good about not only the amount of cash or trade value they received, but the fact that they know their collection is being given the time and respect deserved and, most importantly, being put into the hands of a new generation of music lovers.

While most small trades can be handled in a short time span, larger collections of higher-ticketed items can be dropped off, researched overnight and an itemized spreadsheet will be made available with a breakdown per unit.

We also are willing to travel for large collections to be inspected with offers made. Please call into the shop to make these arrangements.

We are open to any and all forms of music. Full length albums from the 60s to today are preferred but anything will be given the time of day.


We do not take 45s, 78s or 8 Tracks (unless you are looking to donate them).



Initially opening in the basement of the magistrate building in April of 2019, the store managed to not only survive, but thrive, in 2020 throughout the shutdowns.

The store took this time as an opportunity for growth and purchased a large, former Presbyterian Church right next door to the original location.

Expanding out over the next few years into hosting multiple concert venues in the same building, an even larger expansion took place for the store in late 2023 when the inventory of the revered Double Decker Records took place.

Bringing in 4 semi trucks worth of media (well over 100,000 LPs and over 100,000 CDs) required the opening of a second store less than a half of a block from the original location.

While the store will always maintain a specialty in the genres overlooked by most other stores, it also found the move as an opportunity to expand both in size and in scope. 

Despite specializing in vinyl albums at the new location, the original store (The Mega Store) does not forget about the other collectible formats of music: CDs, cassettes and shirts.

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